Gordon Kipping Architects is a multidisciplinary design office based in New York that looks at pressing issues of our time and researches ways in which architecture can contribute to their solutions.  Headed by Gordon Kipping, the office operates with a highly trained staff with a broad range of experience in urban design, architecture, interiors, products and media.  Projects are developed through an iterative process which progressively refines the program components and their relationships to one another to produce an idealized program diagram.  This diagram remains sacrosanct as the project is elaborated and made constructible resulting in a unique contemporary solution suited to its context and in the service of its public.  Existing and emerging communications and building technologies are fully exploited in all phases of project development and realization to ensure the most intelligent use of resources for the maximum effect.  A strong set of relationships with expert consultants and specialists in various fields of fabrication and construction has yielded a portfolio with a broad range of specialized projects.  Gordon Kipping Architects has a client list that includes Issey Miyake, The National Jazz Museum of Harlem, Lincoln Center, Forest City Ratner, City University of New York and the New York City Department of Design and Construction.