Brush Spa is an interior design for a boutique day spa located in the heart of the West Village district of Manhattan. The program includes accommodation for the services of massage, waxing, facial treatments, manicure and pedicure in addition to a Korean style scrub bath as the distinctive feature of the spa. Located on the ground floor level of a 1960’s era residential building, a series of awkward conditions are mitigated. A differential in the grade level to that of the spa floor necessitated a descent by ramp at the entry. At the foot of the ramp, a sea of randomly deployed columns inherited from the residential unit layout above obstruct the space. Instead of viewing these obstructions as problematic, a cedar slat cladding creates the effect of an abstract forest in which the manicure services are offered. The aroma of the cedar and the forest theme create an identity and a strong presence visible from Bleecker Street. The project is organized around a 60 foot long translucent glass wall visible from all points within the spa. The wall serves to separate the more private wet areas from the rest of the spa while giving a visual hint of the activities that are taking place behind. To further play on this theme of concealment and display, surveillance video apparatus is deployed throughout the wet areas in order to capture glimpses of the body, steam and architectural detail. The captured images are projected on a discrete facade mounted electronic display which collages the graphic identity of the spa with this abstracted video of the spa interior. Custom fixtures and furniture complete the spa.