Issey Miyake Tribeca is a project for the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake consisting of a 15,000 square foot interior renovation and exterior restoration of a historic cast-iron warehouse building in the Tribeca District Manhattan. Issey Miyake Tribeca was conceived as a proto-typical space for all realms of the Issey Miyake enterprise. The program includes retail space, a showroom, administrative offices and storage over the ground floor, cellar floor and sub-cellar floor of this building. Issey Miyake Tribeca showcases both the Issey Miyake Men’s and Women’s Collections and Pleats Please Issey Miyake. In addition, the Issey Miyake lines A-POC and HAAT are available here for the first time in the United States. The project features a titanium sculpture designed by Frank Gehry as a center piece. The piece extends from a shaft emerging from the cellar floor into a turbulent swirl engulfing the ceiling of the ground floor retail space. The sculpture enters into a dialogue with a single story glass building inserted into the cellar of the existing structure. Within the glass box building, the showroom and a retail annex vie for space as the retail cycle dictates. On its roof is the ground floor retail space. This building within the building is ringed by a five foot wide glass border. This flooring for the ground floor retail space with its non-slip, chemically etched, danger pattern super-graphic is a ceiling for the administrative offices circulation of the cellar floor. Through this extensive use of glass flooring and glass walls, the retail space, showroom and administrative offices visually bleed into one another allowing each programmatic element to feed off of the activity of the others.