J. Max Bond Center at the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York is dedicated to the advancement of design practice, education, research and advocacy in ways that build and sustain resilient and just communities, cities and regions. Founded in 2011, the center grew out of a tribute to the life, work and beliefs of the late J. Max Bond, the most prominent African-American architect of his time. A pedestrian walkway connecting the historic north campus of City College to the new south campus passes in front of the School of Architecture. On one side of the walkway, an impossibly thin triangular canopy identifies the entrance to the Center. A seemingly floating amphitheatre disk flies off of the walkway across from the canopy. Both elements are rendered in a vibrant orange, a colour used often by Mr. Bond in his work and aptly adopted as the identity colour of the Center. A simple interior renovation of a modest 1,000 square foot area creates a flexible space for symposia, workshops, offices and meetings areas. The outdoor amphitheatre allows for events to spill onto the campus and acts as a bold sign for the Center. In addition to the interior and exterior elements, a full identity package including logo, graphics and website was designed.