G TECTS Office 3 is the third location for our offices located in a gallery building in the Chelsea Art District of Manhattan. Configured previously as an residential unit in this historic warehouse building, the existing space was cleared of partitions and built-in furniture to enable its conversion into an architectural office. The design features accommodations for eight workstations, a conference area, a library, a roof deck and an interactive video installation at the entry. The roof deck extends from the conference room and lengthens this more public space into the low-rise masonry canyon of the Chelsea Historic District. Custom desks and tables were designed and fabricated to ensure the efficient use of space for the office. G TECTS commitment to exploring the relationship between information technologies and architecture can be seen throughout the office. The interactive video installation at the entry corridor consists of a surveillance camera and video monitor which functions as signage for the office while displaying to people who enter the office a live mirror image of themselves superimposed onto remote contexts such as a busy Hong Kong street or an Italian field of sunflowers. This form of re-contextualization of visitors to the office has the effect of demonstrating the potential of the technology to exact a powerful effect while reinforcing our facility with it. A custom phone, data and network infrastructure was designed and expressed to further emphasize the pervasiveness of our technological infrastructure and its connectivity at a moment in the evolution of the technology characterized by the threshold of its dematerialization.