G TECTS Office 4 is the fourth site of our offices located in a century old building in the Tribeca District of Manhattan. Originally designed for and housing printing presses in an open floor plan configuration, our office carved out 3,500 square feet of space of the larger floor plate to feature views of the Hudson River and the constant flow of automobiles into the Holland Tunnel to New Jersey. The reconfiguration of the space includes the longitudinal subdivision of the 100 foot long space into two sides. On the naturally illuminated side facing west, an open office area accommodates a 70 foot long work surface for workstations, layout space and model building. The dinner table like configuration allows expansion and contraction of staff and rapid adaptation to the range of diverse and varying work in a communal setting, as the metaphor implies. Longitudinal strips of fluorescent lighting are variably skewed to perceptually alter this space. On the interior side facing east, a lateral subdivision creates an entry corridor, kitchen, storage room, library, private office and conference room. The interactive video installation at the entry corridor is recreated from a previous incarnation at G TECTS Office 3 and consists of a surveillance camera and video monitor which functions as signage for the office while displaying to people who enter the office a live mirror image of themselves superimposed onto an Italian field of sunflowers as they move through the blue screen paint saturated space. This form of re-contextualisation of visitors to the office has the effect of demonstrating the potential of the technology to exact a powerful effect while reinforcing our facility with it.