Ombe & Sons is an urban lifestyle shop in Baltimore, MD. Located in the historic waterfront community of Fell’s Point, the 450 square foot ground floor space also houses an apartment for the owner, Tshombe Knight. A lifestyle brand rooted in tradition while celebrating revolution and change, Ombe & Sons maintains a state of continual transformation while paying homage to its roots as an urban brand. The space is designed to reinforce this brand identity. The principal intervention is a moveable wall which reallocates space to the shop and home depending on the time of the day. Area is given over to the shop during shop hours, and back to the residence when the shop is closed. The space also evolves chromatically over time. The original incarnation of the shop has its original woodwork and furnishings brought down to unfinished wood. Following this, the shop interior is completely white washed. From here, the fixtures and furnishings are successively paint dipped in CMYK and RGB colors to create a chromatic explosion.