Home Entertainment - Home Broadcast

Home Entertainment – Home Broadcast is an electronic book presenting the work of G TECTS pre-dating mobile internet and electronic readers. While researching componentry to construct an electronic book, prohibitive costs provoked a look at portable electronic devices in production. The Sony PSP Portable proved to be the most appropriate device with its compactness and bright high resolution screen. The cost of the device was also favourable as it was likely subsidised by the manufacturer with the expectation to recover costs through the sale of games for the device. While the device was open to software developers to create programming, there was no application available to run our book programmed in Adobe Flash. To solve this we offered a modest ransom to the successful programmer in the hacker community who could hack the device and enable our software to run. This proved successful and what resulted was our precursor to the electronic book. Device buttons are re-programmed to navigate through the document arranged as a three-dimensional matrix. Each project is organized horizontally along the x axis with diagrams, images and video in respective positions consistent for each project. Projects are stacked vertically along the y axis with like representations vertically adjacent between projects. The z axis allows for the stacking of diagrams, images or video when more than one of theses representations occur in any given project. Navigation through the pages along the x and y axis is achieved with the four directional buttons. Navigation through the pages along the z axis is achieved with the ‘o’ button. An icon screened over the current image indicates which buttons are active.