Baruch College is a preliminary study that proposes a possible future for this Manhattan campus with a particular focus on the Lawrence and Eris Field Building at Lexington Avenue and 23rd Street. The study takes an inventory of Baruch College facilities and proposes an architectural image for the Lawrence and Eris Field Building within a future Baruch College campus. The proposal calls for the consolidation of the present north and south campus configuration into a single interconnected campus. A new through-block building between 23rd Street and 24th Street enables this consolidation through an expanded crosswalk on 24th Street to the north campus and an underground connection beneath 23rd Street to the Lawrence and Eris Field Building and the south campus. At the south end of this connection under 23rd Street, ascent by elevator or sculptural stair yields a vast field of student services on the street level. The proposed removal of floor slabs above creates a triple-height space for these services and an auditorium expressed as an over-inflated gridded box. Above this base, classrooms predominate harnessing new electronic information technologies to disseminate higher education to the broadest public. Classrooms under audio and video surveillance are broadcast online for distance learning and on a giant electronic display screen in the open ground floor visible to the public on the street. On this site of the first free college in the United States, the effect is to restore free education to visitors online and passers-by on the street, alike.