This is Newark! proposes a strategy to address the identity of Newark, New Jersey. By invitation of the Office of the Mayor, Division of Planning & Community Development we were asked to explore design strategies for a series of permanent installations to mark points of arrival to the city, from its train stations and airports to local streets and highway off-ramps. The goal of marking these gateways is to strengthen the visual and spatial identity of the city, to question deeply held perceptions, to capitalize on its deep, dramatic, and fiercely proud history and to better register in the built environment the energy, spirit, and steadfastness that is Newark. Our Gateway proposal looks not only at the points of entry but at all of Newark. The idea is that one understands that they are in Newark because it looks and feels different in a positive way. The massive number of abandoned and contaminated sites undergo a program of remediation through the planting of the Indian Mustard plant, proven to clean contaminated soil over a period of a few years. To achieve this, we enlist the community in a call to service instilling a sense of pride and ownership in one’s neighbourhood. Newark starts to have a yellow glow. Once the sites are clean, they become open public space, urban farmland or community gardens while some can revert to building development when the economy or demand allows. At the gateways, solar powered electronic scrolling text announces this initiative and other relevant information to the community and to visitors to Newark.